Getting to know the Planets with our favorate teddy bear Sage


With all the eclipses happening lately its possible we may glimpse the underlying layers of reality that don’t normally reveal themselves. Deep and unexplainable insights about the Universe may suddenly unfold.   I recently had such a sudden insight into the nature Winnie the Pooh while watching the new Disney movie about our favorite cast of stuffed animals, which hit me like lightning.It became clear to me, without the aid of any drugs, that these characters actually embody the planets!

This is an example of synchronicity, when two seemingly unrelated things line up with a clear connection!

If Winnie the Pooh can explain the unsurpassable Dao surely he can explain the celestial spheres.  Turns out he did!  Here are a list of the Planets and their corresponding Pooh Bear characters.

Sun –  Pooh Bear.  He is the star of the show, the main character. He is the hero and leader of the other planets.

Moon – Piglet. Little Piglet is the the closest to Pooh Bear and carries the emotional content of the story.  He ranges from cheerful to dissonant and doesn’t seem to understand logic.  Emotions aren’t logical, and Piglet is often even more child like than the others as he navigates wisely thru intuition. Although he may not seem as brave or strong, he often solves our hero’s problems.

Mercury – Owl.   He is the brains of the operation, although if he were the only character we had to watch it would be a bit dry.  Owl loves to talk and study, it the only character who is literate besides Christopher Robbin, and is the only character with wings.  He is versatile quick witted.

Venus – Roo.   The baby marsupial invokes an unequivocal feeling of love, Venus’ domain.  Venus not only corresponds to who we love, but anything we love.

Mars – Tigger.  Need I say more?  The source of boundless energy and bouncy trouncy fun.  He is defined by actions-  Tigger’s enthusiasm and creativity are definitely catching as we watch, and if we could only harness his amazing energy, we could get things 10 times as fast.

Jupiter – Kanga.  Kanga is the cheerful force of expansiveness.  As a mother, she also represents our cultural values an expansive quality of the life force.  Jupiter’s placement causes that area to bring us increased vitality, and her ability to carry Roo (love) around echos Jupiter’s theme of luckiness.

Saturn – Eeyore.  While he may not be everyone’s favorite, old Eeyore is often a motivating force of change in the story.  His constantly loosing his tail calls the other to action, seeking to amend flawed structures we rely on.  And Eeyore is reliable.  He may not be cheerful but he does not run off suddenly.  He is stronger than most of the other characters and can carry Pooh  on his back.  Saturn is the planet of turning Lead in to Gold, meaning that old structures become newly renovated under its care.  As human beings we find habits hard to break, which is why this planet get its grumpy rap.

Uranus – Rabbit.  This planet rules sudden change, breaking thru and formulating great ideas .  Rabbit does have a “clumsy” and frustrating vibe, often breaking things and causing general chaos– Always with a good intention tho.  His job is to get to the root of the problem and smash it thoroughly, removing all obstacles.  He gets frustrated with the other characters because compared to them, he is a genius. He can seemingly see the whole situation from our vantage point while the others tend to go along much like children.  While Owl knows the facts, Rabbit sees the situation as a whole.

Neptune – Honey. A consistent character, Neptune defies rational explanation as a rule.  It represents the divine force of transcendent understanding.  Pooh Bear cannot get enough of this.  In the Disney movie, which came out recently, Honey is the goal of the adventure in and of itself for Pooh- it is Divine and transcendent knowledge.  If Pooh were to choose honey at the cost of this friend’s happiness, which he is tempted to do by Owl, it would become like a drug, dulling the mind and body.  However, if he seeks transcendence in the right ways, it becomes the magical elixir which brings him back to the ground of being. Neptune is where we idealize things, and there is no higher ideal for Pooh bear than his favorite snack.

Pluto – Christopher Robbin.  A powerful force but usually only a cameo character, Christopher Robbin directs the crew to grow and stretch spiritually.  He poses problems, which the other characters then dutifully try to solve.  These are do or die directives that cause the characters to grow and change.   Christopher Robbin also helps the animals with his superior store of goddess-driven energy, like Pluto who is associated with raw feminine power.

Who says College degrees aren’t useful?  If you haven’t seen the new Disney Pooh bear movie check it out to see this amazing cosmic phenomenon in action.


11/29/2012    Mars conjunct Pluto-  Clearing blocked Qi

Right in the sky now little Pluto is doing a dance with charismatic Mars.    Mars is the planet of kinetic energy.  Pluto is the seductive transformer, showing us what is important, with no ifs ands or whys.   The term “shakubuku” is one that goes with Pluto, Which Minni Driver’s character in the movie Gross Point Blank describes as “a swift spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.”   It is a Japanese term which means “stopping suffering and awakening to life’s potential.”  It also has the connotation of a pointed and dramatic change.   Of course, Pluto is always doing this in one area of the heavens or another.  Its conjunction to Mars right now produces a powerful and energetic feeling.

In my experience, the body itself seems be going thru a bit of a shakubuku.  Now the energies of the physical and the subtle body (chakras etc) are awakening to life’s potential.  As Pluto passes any area, it shows where they are dead and need to be transformed so fresh new energy can reinvigorate these areas.  So at this time, we may actually be feeling sensations in our physical being more powerfully.

In the parts of your body you feel good already, you may be experiencing an intensification of everyday sensations, more energy to do the things you do already. It could be very empowering.  However, if any of our channels have blockages, this is a time when they will be felt more strongly.  Pluto is not going to let us hold on to that old emotional pain that we carry with us everywhere, every day, even unknowingly.  If we can manage to face any uncomfortable sensations, and ask the question, “what is this pain telling me?” then an answer will come up.  Pluto turns us inside out and breaths sweet new life into every cell.

One of the wisest people I ever met was and old man named Carl. I met him in the local swimming pool.  When I said I wasn’t feeling %100, He told me that it is better to focus on how you would like things to be than how you don’t want it to be.

Exercise for Pluto conjunct Mars:

Try this:   Close your eyes and touch the thumbs to each finger on each hand. This wakes up our sensations in the hands…  Can you feel anything as you relax your hands and put awareness there?  Breathing helps relax the body.     If you are like most people you will feel a light tingling.  Carl told me that this is something like pure Universe energy coming in, which is incredibly healing.  I tried out this theory with the whole body, and found it very helpful.  I remembered that this method was actually the way I used to get my self to sleep as a kid.  If we can really relax and unwind, we notice this energy pouring into our bodies to work out the many uncomfortable blocks that come with being in a human body.

Instead of fixating and fighting against discomfort, relax and imagine that the energy is flowing correctly in your body so that everything feels totally comfortable.  It has a message to bring, and when you get it, bliss will replace the blockage.  Sometimes after doing this I imagine a certain color coming into that area to heal it.  Which color does this area need to heal?

Mars will be hanging out with Pluto for 2 more weeks yet to come, so using this time to harness the evolutionary energy of Pluto for our bodies well being is a great idea.

11/28/2012  7:35 AM CST

Welcome to my blog!  Today as I am writing there is a lunar eclipse about to begin.  If you have ever seen one, you know this is a beautiful, unearthly event to watch. So what does it mean astrologically?   Eclipses are special times in which information that is not usually apparent is easier to see or feel.  In the case of a lunar eclipse, it is as if the gods have taken a highlighter to our emotions.  Whether its the ecstasy or agony, the emotional states that are usually easier to overlook become impossible to ignore.  If you are anything like me and many other humans, you may have a tendency to repress emotions that seem too powerful to deal with.  Life demands many things from us, and sometimes it is too time consuming to dive into the depths of all our feelings.

However, this is a time when our feelings will suddenly become clear!   With Jupiter conjunct the moon at this time as well, the emotions will be emphasized- the biggest planet has a way of expanding anything it is near, for good or bad. So this may be quite overwhelming, whether the emotions are pleasant or not. Jupiter is also known for its happy vibes tho, so this positive energy will carry us thru the waves.

When the sea of emotions is swelling, I remember what Rinzai Zen Master Jun Po Roshi once said in a lecture I heard in Boulder.  He told us that “emotions are just information.”  They aren’t good or bad, they are just trying to tell us something–  So trying to ignore them is a bit like the ostrich sticking his head in the sand.  Basically in the end ignorance does not actually cause bliss; just drinking too much while weeping into a pillow, straining relationships and a general disconnect from reality.

So its generally better to listen to the messages our feelings are giving us.  What does our deeper consciousness want us to know?  This eclipse is bringing the gift of not letting us repress our emotions.

At times like a lunar eclipse, emotions could run so powerfully it may seen difficult to get enough calm and distance to see what they are telling us.  I tried this exercise this morning-   First, in a quiet and peaceful place relax the mind and then imagine that your emotional state is an animal.              What kind is it? . .  What is it doing? . . . Does it need your help in any way?

These kinds of imagination exercises can help give a form to a formless emotion and set it free.  I think they are good to try while going to sleep or waking up because the mind is still relaxed from the dream state.

You can watch the video of the eclipse on this website.


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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